Terms and Conditions

These conditions shall apply to all contracts with SEO Optimizers, they are legally binding under English law. By accepting the order form by way of an email with or without a deposit payment, will form a legally binding Contract under which both parties are liable, and covered by these terms and conditions. SEO Optimizers will provide the services with reasonable skill and care and to a high standard however the client acknowledges that SEO Optimizers have no direct control over the Search Engines and cannot guarantee the speed of performance provided by the Search Engines in relation to the delivery of the services. ‘Completion’ means when your website has been uploaded to your domain or once the files have been added to the designated website domain.

Delivery times

We aim to complete all website orders as soon as possible normally within 2 weeks, E commerce websites will be 4 weeks or as we agree individually on each order form.

Price and payments

If paying by direct debit, please note that SEO Optimizers has appointed the BACS Approved Direct Debit Bureau, Eazy Collect Services Limited (www.eazycollect.co.uk), to collect your payments and Eazy Collect will be shown on your bank statement, using the reference “SIMPD”. The total price of sale will be set out on your order at the time of sale and will be a legally binding contract under UK law, when you receive it via E mail, and will also be confirmed on your invoice. Your purchase order will outline the total payment amount including VAT along with the package or service we will be providing. Upon completion of your order the balance is due for payment unless a payment plan with instalment has been agreed and outlined in the purchase order. All orders require a valid credit or debit card to process the outstanding payment upon completion. All deposits are payable in advance and are non-refundable once we have commenced work on your project, changing your mind about any order placed while the project is underway will not be considered as a valid reason for cancellation and as such we will require full payment on completion, all such contracts will be pursued by legal means if necessary.


We expect to complete all our projects within 3 weeks for normal websites and 6 weeks for E commerce websites, you will be informed in writing as to the project length for those requiring any additional development work.

60 Day SEO results Guarantee

We are specialists in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so expect to see results for your business improve dramatically when we start work for you. We are so confident about this that we will make a promise to Guarantee our results for you, so if within 60 days you do not see an increase in your chosen key-phrase search, we will refund not only the monthly payments you have made, but also the set-up fee! Just see how many other companies are prepared to make the same offer.


We require a 30-day cancellation period and a cancellation fee is payable if work has already been undertaken by us. Domain transfers away from us are charged at £30+ VAT per domain, all website transfers to other providers will be charged a £75 + VAT flat fee, cancellations can only be accepted in writing, by post or by E mail and should be notified to us as soon as possible. With an ongoing agreement for SEO services, much of the overall work is carried out at the beginning of the term and although may be paid for over a longer period, these ongoing payments reflect the full cost needed over that term, and as such SEO services cannot be cancelled until the end of the agreed minimum period. If the direct debit is cancelled before it has been agreed by ourselves, then we reserve the right to charge the full cost of the on-website optimization. All SEO and Hosting agreements require 30 days’ notice of cancellation in writing or by E mail. We reserve the right to cancel any contract or agreement at any time, either with or without notice, at which time all work currently done will be invoiced in full.


SEO Optimizers uses standard shared hosting and have a monthly charge for hosting your website on our servers, this will be outlined in your contract and is subject to change at any time, this will be payable yearly in advance or as a monthly fee. SEO Optimizers offer different levels of hosting for different packages, our shared hosting package will be the norm unless otherwise detailed in your contract order form. Occasionally hosting will be included within a much larger marketing package for Search Engine Optimization and Google AdWords, however if this is cancelled at any time the hosting will become payable.


SEO Optimizers attempts to offer the best website hosting possible with updates and changes included, we guarantee that your site is accessible 99% of the time, should we ever fall below this percentage, we will discuss alternatives we can offer. Our website hosting is payable within 30 days of the website being uploaded onto the registered domain, this will automatically renew yearly (to avoid interruption to your service) unless the client requests otherwise. Also transferring any domains away from our server will incur a standard charge of £30 + VAT per Domain.


Our Full maintenance hosting package will provide website hosting on our servers, E mail forwarding for two E mail addresses, text, wording and content changes to any pages, testimonial or review updates, uploads to photo galleries and changes to contact information and logos. Changes requested under our full maintenance package will normally be carried out within 48 hours, is subject to our fair use policy, and not designed for daily or weekly website changes, higher tariffs are available for more frequent usage.


We also offer an upgraded Dedicated hosting service on our own private Server, this has only a small number of websites built by ourselves on the hard drive. Benefits are much faster website loading speeds plus daily database and file back-ups for both websites and E mails.

Copyright law

Your website must be legal. It is essential that any images or content supplied by you is owned or licensed for your use. SEO Optimizers cannot be held responsible for any legal action or law suit resulting from images, content or material illegally supplied to us. Any stock images that we purchase on your behalf are only licensed to be used on your website and should not be copied or distributed elsewhere.


SEO Optimizers include a new website domain with every new website purchased, however with the constant additions to domain extensions, additional time spent on Nominet confirmation of registration details, and the escalating costs of renewals we now charge for this service each year when domains are due for renewal at £99 + VAT per domain name. In the case of multiple domain names, we will charge £249+ VAT for up to 5 in total, and £499+VAT for up to 10 domain renewals. Payment will be collected in the first month the domain is due by your normal payment method of Direct Debit.

GDPR compliance 2018

Your privacy is important to us, we also fully comply with the latest GDPR regulations, so we have laid out clearly, what we do with your data, who we share your data with, and how you can have this data removed in our privacy statement.

We do not sell your personal data such as name, address and E mail to anyone.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which store the IP address when you first visit a website page., the cookie will help the website, to recognise your device the next time you visit. Most cookies won’t collect information that identifies you personally and will instead collect more general information such as how users arrive at the websites, or a user’s general location.

How do we use cookies?

Our cookies are only those required by Google to provide analytics back to the website owner, we track IP addresses for visitor page usage, time on each page etc. Google AdWords also require cookies to track the visitor information and provide correct information for click rates, most of our websites will insist you enable cookies or not visit the website. We use cookies on our websites to improve their performance and enhance the user experience.


SEO Optimizers is a trading name of Alvista Torquay Ltd, Company No: 8464948 Registered in England and Wales, Registered Office Suite 7, Wessex House, St Leonards Road, Bournemouth. Dorset. BH8 8QS. VAT Number: 166236111.

Customer referral scheme

Our Customer referral scheme applies to all current Clients, who recommend a friend or family member to us. We offer a £100 introductory discount to the new friend and also add £100 to our clients’ loyalty account, subject again to the conditions mentioned above. Clients who recommend two friends to us can have an additional £100 added to the current year loyalty pounds to spend on our services.

Our website Copyright

You may not copy the content of this website for personal or business gain, you cannot copy any information on this website, except with our express written permission.