Responsive Websites

Responsive web design is a term used to describe building websites to provide an optimal viewing experience. With easy reading and navigation and with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling that can be viewed across a wide range of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. The number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work with your site is growing on a daily basis. Responsive websites will become the preferred way to build a website in the future so why not get ahead of the game and start now. A website built in the latest coding, will configure its layout depending on the type of Smartphone or tablet that is accessing it.

Responsive website design in Hammersmith

It’s no good having a great looking website, with amazing content if your website isn’t mobile friendly. If your site hasn’t been designed to work on mobiles and tablets Google and other search engines will discriminate against your site and reduce your ranking. From April 23rd 2017 Google are now actively promoting all mobile friendly websites above those that are not, so contact us today for a free quotation to bring your current website up to date.


In plain English a Responsive Website adapts the way it displays your website, depending upon whatever device is being used to view it. This means that your potential customers will have a stress free experience when viewing your website and will be more inclined to do business with you. Over 80% of people now use their smart phones to search online. If your site is not formatted as a Responsive Site you could be losing business to your competitors.


Why not click on the image below to see a 6 page website produced for a local Plumbing company.
Wordpress website design in London W14