SEARCH Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation is a vital service if you are looking to generate business from your website. Very often businesses forget this element as they carefully design the layout and styling of the new website, however it can make the difference between your website being found on the first page of the Google search results or buried amongst the thousands of similar web pages.


When someone searches locally for a business or service online the major Search engines examine all the websites on the Internet and decide who will show at the top of the search results page. The decision on who gets to the top of each page is a carefully guarded secret (Google calls it their Algorithm) and is based on many factors. We use our knowledge and experience to make sure that your new website contains most of the requirements that the search engines are looking for, we make sure that they are in the position they are expected to appear and we provide a sitemap to help them find it. It is really important that you find a Website Company that has this wealth of experience, in many different market sectors, you feel you can communicate with and finally you can trust will do the very best for you.


IDENTITY and logos

We specialise in creating business brand identity and the logos that your company may require. We design each brand identity individually with our client and provide our advice throughout the whole process. We can work with your existing brand identity, logo or materials or create new ones from the floor upwards, offering flexibility up until you are fully satisfied with the results. All our logos are individually designed for each new client, starting with a discussion about your preferences, colour requirements and styles, we then create multiple mock up designs for you to select, before we refine them to your final version that will showcase your company with a logo you will be proud of.

Search Engine Optimization in Hammersmith

Many companies depend on the local area for their business and this can be overlooked when building your website.
We specialise in placing your website where it can be found by consumers looking for the services you provide. Increasingly customers start their search for services and products online from their laptop or more often on their tablets and smart phones. With our experience and expertise we can help so that the first website they find is yours.


will spend time on market research and competitor analysis before optimising the code in your website. We can complement this with blogs and strategically placed articles combining both on-site and off-site work. We have all the marketing and SEO skills you need to get your business to the top of the ‘Google rankings testimonial’ and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure you stay there.


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